Concerning COVID-19:

We are commited to your safety and we take all measures to provide a clean environment for your accommodation.

We are following all guidelines from EU and local Government.

Please note that a face mask is currently required for all open spaces.

Sarizas Apartments - Hotel Family Apartments in Siviri
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Concerning COVID-19:

Greece has one of the lowest infection rates in the EU and Halkidiki specifically has zero cases so far.

Please note that there is currently a ban for travellers from some countries (incl. China, Italy, Spain, UK and Netherlands), please advise official information before booking!

Please have in mind that it is possible to be requested a health certificate to travel to Greece.

Having all these in mind we accept cancellations of all bookings up to 5 days before arrival with no charge! Please don't travel if you're feeling sick, keep you and your family safe!